Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Videography Melbourne

The couples have many questions about Wedding Videography Melbourne. Do we need a Wedding Video? That’s the most common question they have. For that question, the simple answer is yes, and I am not going to explain why in details here. Other frequently asked questioned are answered here.

1) Can we choose music?: Yes, you can. But the professionals will ask for more than one music from the couple. It’s your wedding video so you can have your favorite music in it. Give us around 10 songs that you love, so we have plenty to include in the final footage.

2) What types of ceremonies?: Wedding Videography Melbourne is not a restricted industry to a few types. Whatever the type, the professionals will capture it in style. It can be Greek, Hindu, Jewish, Civil partnership or Muslim.

3) Should we meet before the wedding: Yes, definitely; It’s the most important step in Wedding Videography. Having a face to face chat with the videographer is a must. The videographer and the couple should get to each other well before the wedding. Let the videographer know all about must moments that you want in the final footage.

4) What package should we choose: Wedding Videography Melbourne firms offer many packages today. Mostly, they will be fixed packages. It can be 4 hours, 8 hours, or 18 hours. So, it depends on you. I mean, how much video do you need? That means you can have custom packages too. Well, don’t only focus on the price tags when going with a video package. You can’t reshoot the wedding day. Don’t let you get second thoughts on missing some important scenes in the final footage. It’s all the about footage value, not its price tag.

5) How long in advance should we book a videographer?: It depends on the Weeding Videography firm you hire. Reputable videography firms are busy throughout the year. Also, videographers who have a good name in the industry have more bookings than the beginners. Well, you don’t always have to hire the number 1 videographer in the city. Everybody started their career as a beginner at some point. Sometimes, a beginner can create an amazing wedding video. In summary, book a videographer in advance to hire your first choice.

6) Duration of the footage?: It depends on the style you choose. If it’s highlight style, then it won’t last longer than 60 minutes. You can ask three videos from the videographer. 1) highlight footage that will last 3-5 minutes. 2) Feature edits that will last 10-20 minutes. 3) Documentary edits that will last 1-2 hours. The highlight footage is a thing to post on Social Media platforms. You can always ask for a custom footage from your videographer.

7) How much to pay as the advance?: Well, it depends on the Wedding Videography firm you choose. But as a usual, they ask for 1/3rd from the total cost. It can be a non-refundable payment (again, it depends on the videography firm.)

Some final words: Consider Wedding Videography as a must for your big day. There’s a myth related to videographers. The couples think the videographer will ruin the atmosphere. Will a professional ruin your wedding atmosphere? No, they don’t. They are real professionals. They know how to capture the moments without disturbing you or the guests. They are trained for it.

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