Wedding Gifts Buying Guide By Wedding Videography Melbourne

Well, when you have received a wedding invitation, the first thing comes to your mind is the dress for it. The next is the gift. People get stressed about wedding gifts etiquette. Anyway, you don’t have to get stressed over it. Wedding videography Melbourne is here to guide you on wedding gifts etiquette today. Read this article and get the answers to all your questions on wedding gifts.

1) How much to spend?: How much to spend on a wedding gift? It’s a common question people ask today. Did you know about the best gift you can give the couple? You being a part of their biggest day is the best gift you can give them. Anyway, don’t forget to take a gift too. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: You don’t have to spend a thousand dollars on a wedding gift. What’s your budget? Only buy what you can afford to buy. The couple invites you to their wedding because they want you to be there. They don’t care what gift you gave and how much you have spent on it. OK, let’s put it this way. If your sister, best friends, and cousin getting married, then buy a gift that is expensive than a one you will buy for one of your co-workers.

2) Cash-gifts: A wedding is a very expensive function. The couple spends a lot of money to make it a unique function. So, there’s nothing wrong with giving cash to the couple as your wedding gift. People don’t do in the right way though. And that’s why Wedding Videography Melbourne would like to talk about cash-gifts in details. You can mail your cash-gift too. But make sure you have it in a cheque form if you are mailing it. If you are going to wait until the wedding day, then you will need a protected box for the cash-gift. The best thing you can do is giving it to their hands.

3) Do I have to take a gift?: The one word answer is Yes. Well, the couple will not scold you for not giving them a wedding gift. But when you attend a function, going with a gift is better rather than going empty-handed. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: Taking a wedding gift is a way of showing your gratitude for inviting you for the big day. An invitation for a wedding is a big thing. Do you know why? It’s their biggest day, and they will have only important guests. So, you are important to them, and it’s a thing to be happy about yourself. Then what if you can’t attend the function? Send a congratulatory card then (with or without a gift.) Sending a gift is the better option always.

4) On the other hand, some couples don’t expect wedding gifts from the guests, and they mentioned it on the invitations. So, if the invitation says “No gifts,” then don’t take gifts. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: Read the wedding invitation carefully and understand what they expect from you. I came across this article on wedding gift buying guide

Great, Wedding Videography Melbourne recommends everyone to take a gift when attending a wedding.

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