Wedding Videography Melbourne: Wedding planning myths busted

Planning a wedding is a hectic task. Some wedding rules are written in stone, but some don’t. Which means you can feel free to ignore or change some of them. Some wedding rules have become wedding planning myths, and Wedding Videography Melbourne is here to bust them today. Let’s get started.

1) Myth 1: You have to wear white always: Yes, wearing a white dress on your wedding day is a great idea. You will look like a queen in a white dress. But it’s not a must. I mean, if you don’t like it; you can go with a different color. Anyway, keep in mind that a wedding is a traditional function. It’s not a party. Going with a light color is advisable (dusky blue, blush pink.) Make sure it doesn’t look same to what the bridesmaids will be wearing. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: Since white is the traditional wedding dress color, and if you are going with a different color; give a clue about it on invitation cards.

2) Myth 2: Wedding planners are very expensive: Yes, when they tell you about their charges; you would think they are expensive. But what they actually do is saving your money. As experts in the wedding industry, Wedding Videography Melbourne knows about it. They know the best vendors, florists, rental companies, and so on. Also, they have very creative ideas on planning perfect weddings. Well, that’s not all; they can give you good recommendations before you start it.

3) Myth 3: Having a photographer is just enough: Well, I can write a complete article on this topic. Anyway, I will bust it within this paragraph. Can you hear anything from your photo album? Will you remember every moment of it after 10 years? What are you going to say to your grandchildren when they ask you how was it? Yes, a photo album is a great memory bringer, but you have to have a video footage of it. And that’s why you should hire a professional wedding videography firm such as Wedding Videography Melbourne.

4) Myth 4: Applying for a loan is a must to pay wedding expenses: Are you kidding me? Why can’t you start saving money for it in advance? It’s a simple calculation. Did you know why most couples apply for a loan when planning their wedding? That’s because they are not satisfied with their budget. People always compare. They already have saved $20000 for their wedding, but they think that’s not enough because one of their friends had spent $30000. Understand the true meaning of a wedding. It doesn’t depend on how much you spend on it. Don’t let your ego to beat your joy. Settling loans after a wedding is not easy as you think. You can organize a perfect wedding with what you got in hand already.

5) Myth 5: Bridesmaids and groomsmen number should be the same: Well, he may have many close friends to be groomsmen on his wedding day, but you have only a few close friends. So, are you going to hire a few bridesmaids to match the number? Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: The number can be anything, and it doesn’t always have to match. Anyway, try to keep the minimum number to 4, and there’s no upper limit to it.

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