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Want to Avoid Getting Scammed by Furniture Movers Read this

Well, we can rely on most of the furniture movers. I mean, they are genuine, professional, provide quality service, and helpful. While many of the movers provide quality service, scams do exist. OK, you may think, “it won’t happen to me,” but it could. I have talked with some families who had become victims of Furniture Mover’s scams. Oh, their stories are sad. Some have lost all their possessions. Horrible isn’t it? If you are already a victim, you know how it feels when all possessions just lost in minutes. I wish it would never happen to anyone again. So, I am writing this article for your safety. The major signs that a Furniture Movers trying to trick you and how to avoid them explained here.

* Make sure to get a “Written Quote”:

It’s your right to ask for a written quote and a contract. Anyway, the majority of the Furniture Movers give a written quote to their customers. It’s a good sign of a genuine service provider. In some cases, a company can charge you extra, but those charges and conditions should print on the signed contract. If they mention all the conditions, more likely they are genuine Furniture Movers. Explaining a quote over the phone isn’t just enough. I mean, that company might have plans for hidden charges. So, don’t hire them.

* Trusted Website and Customer Reviews:

Because of the Internet, life made easy. Now you don’t have to go to each Furniture Movers to find about their company. Everything nicely explained on websites. Read carefully, “Who they are?” What do they offer? Is the website updated and copyrighted? Do they have relevant licenses? If any of this information not available, don’t trust them.

Well, by reading previous customers reviews, you can get an idea about their service. Top-class Furniture Movers would have stories of happy customers. Read all reviews, not just one or two. OK, read five reviews at least, then find the percentage of satisfied customers. Anyway, don’t trust just by reading reviews because we don’t know whether they are genuine ones.Furniture Movers

* Know about previous scams:

This just takes a few minutes. Go to Google and type the name of Furniture Movers with “Scam” at the end of the search query. If they have a history of previous scams, Google will show it. It’s an easy and effective method to find scams information of the company you are considering.

* Ask specific questions:

OK, you must be clever to question them. Asking specific questions can save your valuable stuff. Ask questions about the pricing, licenses, vehicles, relocation process, and everything else. Questioning lets them know about your awareness of scams. If your questions are giving Furniture Movers a hard time, they are not the right professionals to hire.

* Don’t pay money without a signed agreement:

Well, this is common sense. You can’t go to the police or court without a signed document. What is there to prove that you have paid money. I have heard stories of Furniture Movers asking customers to sign blank papers. Please don’t be someone who signs blank papers.

Summation: The majority of Furniture Movers are genuine service providers. Anyway, “Moving Scams” are a thing to beware. The tips explained in this article would save you from possible unethical companies. Well, I wish you would not get scammed by Furniture Movers ever.

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