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Wedding Videos: Best Camcorders to buy in 2017 (Budget Range)

Well, it’s true that you can record videos with your smartphone, but the quality of the video would never be the same as you are recording from a dedicated recording camcorder. So, if you were ever thinking to buy a smartphone instead of a camcorder, you will change your mind after reading this article. OK, you can shoot with your smartphone if you just shooting videos to publish on Social media. If your future dream is becoming a professional videographer, buy a dedicated camcorder and get used to it from now itself. You may have a friend who is a videography fan. His birthday is coming next week, so you are thinking of a gift for him. What’s better other than a camcorder for him?

* Panasonic HC-V770 (HD Camcorder):

A wonderfully looking, compact, and well-balanced, modern, and HD camera for a $699. It has all the basic features to capture quality HD videos including Wedding Videos. Its optical zooming function (20x) is amazing compared to the price. Built-in microphone can record quality sound. Easily connectable to your smartphone with WiFi and NFC. Also, it has got many filters and effect suitable for Wedding Videos. A great camcorder for a reasonable price.

* Sony (HD video recording) HDR-CX 405: 

The ideal camcorder for beginners just for $369. You can present it to your teenage son who is a videography fan. Brilliant zooming function (30x.) Its price is the top factor to consider. It has also got a 2.7 inch LCD display, which gives you that “professional videographer” feeling. Full HD (1920×1080) videotaping capability makes it ideal for Wedding Videos. Anyway, the smartphones have become a challenge for the market of these budget camcorders now.

Wedding Videos

* Canon VIXIA HFR806: 

Another great camcorder with 57x advanced zooming function. Can record quality HD Wedding Videos just for $409. The high-resolution touchscreen allows you to easily change the settings. “Never miss a magic moment,” that’s what the Canon Australia says about this budget camcorder.

* Panasonic HC-WFX991K (4K, Ultra HD camcorder with WiFi.):

Spend $900 to make it yours. 4K Ultra HD videotaping ability is the golden feature of this masterpiece. Well, you might think it’s somewhat expensive (yes, it is,) but you can record HD Wedding Videos like a pro with this camcorder.

* Canon: XA30: “Your next compact camcorder,” that’s what the Canon Australia says about the camcorder. Make it yours for $2500 (well, it’s a serious budget, and I know it.) Anyway, it’s a professional camcorder that can capture quality Wedding Videos. Good for professional videographers so. When it’s in your hand, you feel like you are carrying a real video camera. Its look, functions, and settings are that of a professional video camcorder.


Great, I have listed the ideal camcorders for beginners in 2017. Well, last camcorder (Canon XA30) is suitable even for the reputable wedding videographers. The GoPro Hero5 and the Sony AZ1 are two more camcorders ideal for the beginners. See you soon with another useful article soon.

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Olinda Guildford July 21, 2017 at 7:22 am

An almost shockingly helpful article, Thanks!

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