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Would you like to write for our great blog?

OK, we start the invitation by thanking you first.

We are more than happy to say that now we are on the hunt for writers from our growing community. All these days, you were reading our articles, and now you can write for us too.

Are you ready for it? Follow guidelines:

  •  We appreciate if you send us informative articles up to 1000 words. Anyway, if you can do a good job; we will accept your 600-word article too (600-word count is the minimum.)
  •  Making the title of the piece, the name of the document is advisable to avoid confusions. So, don’t title your file as “submission.docx”.
  • Your every article should have 3 headings.
  •  We accept only certain files types and image formats: .doc, .docs, .pdf and JPG/PNG.
  •  Both the parties will benefit from sending us your original work as plagiarism can harm you and us. Also, the article you submit us shouldn’t be published on any other blogs or on the Internet before. Remember, we take plagiarism “very seriously.”
  •  To keep up the good reputation, we don’t post articles of adult-nature and obscene content that can hurt our readers.
  •  We may change the wording or edit your article; not always, but in case we need to make it better.
  •  With sufficient referencing, you can include ONE Outbound Link in your article, and we consider it as the max. Anyway, you can request us for a second link, where we will consider your request and approve if the link would do a big change.
  • Send us your best work without sending spammy or unprofessional articles as we don’t have time to edit it for you.

Becoming a guest poster is not rocket science:

  •  Sending us your details via an E-mail is the beginning of it. Your bio, expertise, and topics to cover in the E-mail.
  •  Once we are satisfied with your first E-mail; we will tell you to proceed further. Send your articles to us as attachments all the time.
  •  We have an editorial team, and they will go through your first draft. As a result, you may need to do some changes to your article to make it even better. This process will continue until we are 100% satisfied with your article.
  • When your article is pretty close to perfect; we put it live on the blog and inform you about it via an acknowledgment E-mail.

That is the whole process explained to you. We know that every writer looks for a stable place to post their articles. So, you just found the right place to post your articles as our blog gets visited by thousands of daily visitors. Also, you can enjoy the comments made by the readers on your great post.

We are very flexible about the topics, hence you can send articles on various topics such as politics, entertainment, SEO, marketing, self-management, and education that are suitable for readers of all ages.